Hey POC21 Im not done with this project just yet but I wanted to show what I have to you! While you here feel free to check out the rest of my web sight to get a since for who I am as a designer. 

plastic action project

The focus of my project is to educate consumers about how to properly recycle their thin film plastic products (i.e. plastic bags, cling wrap, produce bags) 

What I realized after extensive user research is that many consumers are confused what to do with this plastic product.

To gather this data I talked with people from all levels of the film plastic recycling industry from the manager of public works in Rhode Island to everyday consumers who intact with this product. 

My finding were that  even thought there is infostructure in place to recycle this kind of plastic only 13% of it actually is! 




I set out to change this by making people rethink this kind of plastic as a resource not a waist product. 

This means creating sheet plastic from the thin film plastic bags that can be manipulated into many forms!

The process is simple it just requires heat and pursuer. It can be done with a iron or a more industrial tool like a tortilla press. 

Bellow are some examples from a process book Abigail and I put together about the making of this sheet material. Other substrates can be incapsulated in this sheet good such as textiles, wire mesh, and other types of plastic to give the final sheet good different characteristics.   

This sheet good can be further manipulated by vacuum forming it into new forms. This ability of the plastic is what makes it a compelling resources to think about broader notions what should be considered waist.

The new forms can anything from lampshades to bowls to plastic quilting. Truly one of the only restarts on this process is ones imagination. 

To do this manipulated I created an easy open source vacuum forming tool 

the system is comprised of a wooden box, hot plate, and vacuum cleaner

the system is comprised of a wooden box, hot plate, and vacuum cleaner

I have been using this portable vacuum former to run workshop teaching people about the importance of thin film plastic recycling. Most recently I ran one at whole food in conjunction with their earth day event. I had participants of all ages make personalized pin to spread the word about this versatile material and process. 

some examples of the pins that were made at the event!

Finally I just wanted to say I'm so excited to be applying for this cool opportunity! Though I only found out about it this afternoon (and consequently there are probably a lot of typos) I hope that my passion for this project and enthusiasm about your organization shine through!